Range Of Activities

Happy Ticket Travel Agency ensures all products and services, that are necessary to organize business travel.

We know the client needs. We know, that in our work most important is time to complete the order, complex service and price.
Each traveler is treated individually that is why we do not present specific customer service scheme. Together with each of our client we choose tools used in the process of making orders and decide about ways of our cooperation to make it all as comfortable for the client as possible and to deliver optimum service.
Important and proven solution based on our experience is: we try to designate to each corporate client its own liaison employee. To deliver best travel solutions and to propose each client multiple options each order is handled by a team of our employees.
Full offer, prepared by our team, includes all possible flight options (including regular or low cost airlines), hotel booking (we check at least in five independent data sources to get optimal result finally presented to the client), car rental as well as visa and insurance information.


Due to use of modern software tools each of our customer’s employee has personal profile in system, where are kept such information as: favorite airline, favorite onboard seat location, preferable kind of a meal, favorite chain hotel,  loyalty program card’s number, discount cards numbers and other data, which are constantly updated in the process of cooperation with our client.
We are aware of the importance of time spent on travel process preparation, that is why each gathered information is put into the customer’s personal profile in software system. Our traveler doesn’t have to remember about preferences and loyalty programs data. Customers at any time can check their order status – modern tool such as check my trip and View Trip, available on our website, let them check all business trip details on their own, at any time, from each part of the world with access to Internet.


Our modern approach toward flight tickets booking is based on wide range of booking systems and airline web pages. We can find out prices and special offers that are often not available on Polish market. Our client is provided with several offer options containing such data as: low cost or regular airline flight option with combination of routes, prices, time of flight and its length, with particular notice of favorite departure and landing hours. Client can be rest assure that we will remember to use all possible loyalty programs that customer is participating in. We are not bound to buy particular airline tickets. We can deliver probably any airline tickets and for each single one we issue VAT invoice.
Even after placing an order, booking is monitored by special tool, which purpose is to find best price available. Customer can be sure that flight ticket price will be lowest possible.
Right now we are implementing modern tool to individual business trip planning purposes.
– TripGate  the newest app made especially for business trip purposes. Integrated, efficient and easy to use system is an indispensible work tool for each corporate client.
It helps to plan all business trips, beginning with booking and purchase of the flight or train tickets and ending with finding and booking accommodation and transfer from the airport to the hotel. All with the help of intuitional interface, accessible with internet browser.


We cooperate with best worldwide car rentals. With some of them we have special bilateral contracts which allow us issue Vouchers. That gives our customer possibility to rent a car without paying on the spot. Bill is issued in PLN after traveler’s return from business trip.
We audit car rental regularity and, if there is such a possibility, we order for our clients discount cards to use it for rentals purposes. Customer can rest assure that he will be properly informed about each particular country special rental conditions, what should be an object of his special attention during rental process and what kind of insurances are necessary to have a trouble free journey.


We use several independent hotel booking systems, with many hotels we signed individual cooperation contracts. But this is not our limit. We check up also individual web sites to provide best accommodation conditions and price option.
To be sure customer will be pleased with chosen accommodation, we check each particular place of stay conditions. On customer demand we do booking conference rooms or restaurant tables. If customer often uses particular hotel chain and if that is the customer wish, we negotiate for him special booking conditions. In case favorite place is already fully booked we look for best possible hotel in the best possible place with consideration of customer needs.
For booking particular hotels we issue vouchers. Customer is free from worries concerning payment on the spot, and the bill will wait for his return, in his company, and will be issued in PLN. There is also a possibility to use credit card guarantee. With this option traveler decide after arrival to hotel which option will be more comfortable for him to settle the bill.


We cooperate with all consulates in Poland. We advise, without any additional charge, what kind of necessary procedures must be done, what documents filed in and delivered. Due to many years of good cooperation with consular posts we are able to shorten visa issuing process which is particularly comfortable for non-Warsaw citizens.
Complexity of our service is based on: preparing all applications necessary to get visa, placing it in a proper consulate, audit each stage of the procedure until the same end, which is passport with visa delivery to the customer.


Insurance must be issued according to customer needs, in connection to travel purpose. We cooperate with such insurance companies as: Signal-Iduna, Allianz, TU Europa, ERV or AIG. Each of them prepares for each customer individual insurance package. We can also help to choose most proper one from all proposed variants. For frequent traveler we also offer annual Business Travel Insurance.
We also provide insurances for foreigners travelling to other than their own countries.


Each travel is different. Each needs individual approach, wide range of additional products and services.  That is why we also offer possibility of buying on domestic and international routes train, bus or ferry tickets. Most is issued in very comfortable electronic form, so business transaction is immediate.


To offer complex service our portfolio includes also domestic and international tourist trip offer of circa 40 tour providers, such as: Neckermann, Itaka, Grecos and many other existing on local and international market.
We are glad to be of help any time: either for business or for personal travel purposes, for individual journey or for a group of travelers.
Customer can use our search engine to look up among constantly updated tourist offers. If none of them suits customer expectations our team, together with customer help, will organize ideal holidays. We will adjust flights options and we will book hotel. In such cases place of stay is limited only by clients’ imagination. What we are aiming for is to make customer holiday dreams come true.


Time for overview and conclusions always come. We regularly audit our clients travels as it is necessary to make their travel cost more attractive. This is also an opportunity to choose optimal airlines loyalty programs and negotiate special price for our customers, also to analyze customers expenditures.
All our reports are charge free, prepared on an ongoing basis or based on archival data which can be delivered on demand or on the regular basis, according to our form or according to clients individual range of data and presentation scheme.
We deliver each report in 2 formats: PDF and XLS.
Variety of our reports for sure will meet customer expectations.
Thanks to advanced software we are able to create individual customer oriented reports which allow successively decrease travel costs.
We provide individual login that allows our customer to check number of invoices issued, print particular documents and create by yourself reports concerning any dates range.


All bills/ invoices can be settled by cash, money transfer or credit card. We can advise which payment method is best for the Customer. There is always a possibility to choose more than one.


To contact us use stationary or mobile phone, email or skype. Any way You prefer.
In an emergency situation we help 24/7.


  1. rich experience, panel of experts;
  2. modern booking flights systems;
  3. full service concerning frequent flyer program;
  4. analysis of customers flights from loyalty programs point of view;
  5. several independent hotel booking systems;
  6. cooperation with best world car rentals;
  7. negotiating car rentals discount coupons;
  8. cooperation with 4 insurance companies to provide business travel insurance options: Signal Iduna, ERV, TU Europa and Aig;
  9. an assist to obtain any required visa;
  10. regular and low cost airlines flight tickets, VAT invoices;
  11. domestic and international train tickets;
  12. ferry and bus tickets on demand;
  13. modern invoicing program to deliver invoices regularly and keep client updated with travel expenses 24/7;
  14. convenient payment methods;
  15. tourism: cooperation with many tour providers (i.e. Neckermann, Itaka, Grecos, Wezyr etc)