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Ability to listen to opinion of other people is crucial to gain knowledge. That is necessary to create our own point of view. Gaining it is not only for the purpose of widening up our perspectives, but also of becoming aware of something that until that particular moment was not obvious for us at all. That is why exchange of knowledge, beliefs, conclusions and questions asked to ourselves is a part of intellectual challenges that help us evolve.

Those are the reasons that we share ours opinions here, that we collect comments, thoughts and conclusions of people, who read our articles and trips programs, participate in our journeys and want to say something about them. This is also a place for suggestions: where would you like to travel, what would you like to read about, what was good and what you would like us to change.

Those pages belongs to passionate travelers and here we both can meet: writers, readers, organizers, participants, people with ideas to share, people standing on the both sides of each story…

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