Culture doesn’t come out of nothing. Those are we, who create it. This is set of clues indicating our future, the set that came from our whole life gathered know how and experiences, the set that explains how we manage our life and what are the reasons we do things that exact way, not another.

With time, this collection of left by us marks, become the proof of who we are. It reflects time and place we live in, interpersonal relations. It explains patterns of our behavior and approach to our surroundings. It let us understand decisions that was made, let us understand others and ourselves. Those are our experiences interspersed with emotions that will last long after we turn to dust. These are the vestige that we are leaving. Trails, that are worth to know, not only those made by ourselves but also left by others.

In spite of fast moving globalization and omnipresent commercialism, around the globe exist huge cultural heritage which secrets can be revealed step by step to anyone, who wants to know the beauty of diversity that is all around us. This way we are more aware of crucial position of input that other cultures have done for our evolution, for respect to others and for ourselves.

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