Kingdom of Knights

“Old Land”, house of multiple nationalities, which over the centuries learnt how to live and cooperate together, create bonds, commonwealth, unions. Along with this process nations created their own personality, gained sovereignty, resigned from some differences and finally formed an unified nation, one above all boarders.

“Old continent” is a land of kaleidoscopic changes in landscapes and cultures. The origin of cuisine that is believed to be world most sophisticated one. Here at least two cities compete for the title of world’s fashion capitol, here the opera was born. You can discover country of tulips and windmills, Kingdom of knight-errants and totally different one, famous from its Knights of the Round Table. Here awaits you homeland of Spartan and remains of Greek and Roman gods’ patria.

Europe is a land of innumerable multitude of confessions, beliefs and religious orders, built in unimaginable places which now can be comparatively easily accessible. They welcome those who come to contemplate thoughts with peace of mind, in neighborhood which used to be wilderness opened just for nature, desperados or most brave daredevils, seclusion placed far away from the hustle and bustle.

All kind of treasures are available at your fingertips. You just have to stop to look around, give yourself time to discover them, find them place in your heart and come back to them once in a while to understand them.