Romans demanded: “the Bread and the Games” (latin: panem et circenses). They knew, that man have to be fed – to be able to work, and must enjoy the time free from work – to be relaxed and productive. In Poland wide variety of celebrations is strongly connected with religion and cuisine,  but not always and not everywhere. Poles live with preparations to holidays – those traditional and those borrowed from abroad . Yet nowadays our time is limited due to huge amount of work we have which limits our preparation time to the most important part of it and deprives us from joy taken from it. It is also the main reason of our tradition extinction – as we have less and less time to cultivate it. That is why we dedicate contents of those webpages to us, Poles, and to foreigners as well , with hope, that this way we will gain knowledge about our national heritage or we will remember the reasons we can be proud to share with foreign guests.

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