We are often described with proverb concerning our hospitability: „zastaw się a postaw się” which means: if necessary I will borrow money just to welcome my guests properly. Religious people say: “Guest visit means God’s visit. It’s about cuisine, but not only. For Poles a guest was always most important. Crocow’s legendary feast at Wierzynek, which took place in 1364’ and last twenty one days, is widely known to probably each Pole. Cesar, three kings and many princes participate in it. For each Pole this feast is synonymous withnot just culinary – opulence and wealth. The main reason of this meeting was long forgotten, but legends about the feast are still vivid. In this section we tell i.e. about Polish cuisine stories, anecdotes and products and meals details. We write about such subjects as: reasons why there are twelve dishes at the Christmas Eve table, what kind of dishes supposed to be served, what is “oscypek”, does gingerbread really cures from diseases or how to make traditional Masurian Sekacz (cake).

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