Still Not Deciphered Message

Talking about this green continent phrase "wildlife" fully reflects the significance of these words. Tourism and commerce haven’t been able to impress on it their irreversibly damaging stigma yet. If you want to look for secrets, this is a great place to start with.

The largest collection of nature secrets is the Amazon jungle - the lungs of the world and the home of countless species of all kinds of plants and animals - untamed greenery that rules across the borders of nine countries, second only to the power of the Andes, mountains that defend access to the one of the world greatest mysteries, the code visible only from the air, written on a grand scale throughout the whole plateau. Message that still remains encoded.

One of the greatest history treasure: mystery of the Incas, whose territory, in the period of its development peak, covered today's six countries area​​. Mighty culture that has invented, among others, system of roads, up to four meters wide, system that was stretched for more than forty thousand kilometers. They invented kipu - one of the world's oldest systems of storing information or freeze-dried food. Civilization which disappeared leaving a number of questions, among others the one about the road to El Dorado ...