Worth to visit

“Travelling broadens the mind”. “One picture is worth a thousand words”. “To see is more than to read.” Often these proverbs and phrases are unconsciously ignored part of our everyday life. We know them, but we don’t acknowledge their true meaning.

Nowadays, it looks like you can get and see everything, everywhere, but … time is so limited. Duties and obligations come first, pleasure comes second, many times to often. But if you want to evolve, once in a while, your true adventurer soul wants to discover some place, just for pure beauty of exploring. We need to see something interesting, read something interesting, but most of all we want to participate in something interesting. We need to feel this uniqueness of pure physical journey. But what to see, where to go?

When we finally manage to extract from daily rush some amount of time designed to relax, we are often forced to choose most typical, well familiar or widely known checkpoints. We go at the end of the world just to see only the most important ones. We do that while maintaining vigorous pace rather than to stop, rest and appreciate surrounding us beauty. Passing the crumbling door located next to the palace gates we often do not realize that they lead to an equally great treasures as the more exquisite entrance nearby. The destination places of our trips are more and less known parts of the world. But our main task is to indicate those other door and cross the threshold. We do that because often looking in a particular direction far away, we have a tendency to lose the great sight remaining at our just side.

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