Travel programs

On each stage of our life we should look for inspiration, tiny or considerable drops of pleasure, to sip out the joy hidden in it, to turn them into our life impellent, to make our dreams come true more smoothly. The joy we derive from variety of situations, places or events is bigger and last longer if we share it with others. For us this joy is simply travelling. This is what we want to share.

Phrase: „The bigger the better”  we understand in different than usual context. Not as number of places visited in one due time, but as an opportunity to share knowledge gathered along with travelled miles…  We make this knowledge more approachable and more focused on geographically smaller area. That makes it easier to understand, appreciate its beauty.

Our trip programs are made by passionate travelers. Their aim is to show the beauty of geographical and cultural differences, show interest in different lifestyle, practices, beliefs, history and secrets – those deeply hidden or those standing close by.

Our journeys are anything but typical. They make an opportunity to gather information and take time to discover things on our own.

Our clients are as well unique. They are looking for something different like knowledge to be accessed along with their own adventures.

Together we are a team of people who need to develop, broaden our mind’s horizons, enrich our spirituality and intelligence. All of it together, with memories from those journeys, create our reality and let us look from better perspective at different people, behavior, situation and events that we encounter.

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