To make our clients’ travels more comfortable, we offer complex services, including also wide variety of travel insurances.
You are going on business travel or as a tourist, alone or with a company – we will offer you full range of insurances to keep you trouble free.
Among others we offer following kinds of insurances:

  1. short- and long term
  2. connected with kind and purpose of travel
  3. properly adjusted to your health condition
  4. group or individual
  5. coming together with wide range of other services or in basic form
  6. in various optional insurance rates
  7. according to purchased services and possibility to resign from travel
  8. annual
  • Euro 26
  • Karta planeta Młodych
  • Karta April

We offer insurances of following Insurance Companies:

  1. Allianz
  2. ERGO
  3. Signal Iduna
  4. TU Europa

Each insurance fit customer purposes and resignation costs depend from cost of bought services and occasionally from travel dates. That is why we suggest contacting us before buying it. We for sure present you full option of insurances and help you chose the best one.

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